About Us

We are a customer-focused team made up of system integrators deeply rooted in the LBM and Hardline industry. With more than 100 years combined industry experience, you can be confident we understand your unique challenges and have designed a system that meets your specific business needs, regardless of your company’s size or organizational structure.

ProsperityERP not only provides the most user-friendly, reliable and robust software solution in the industry, but we have a proven reputation recognized across the industry. Our clients benefit from our longstanding business relationships, and through our software, gain access to the industry’s leading buying players and most respected vendors.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, providing exceptional customer service and continuously investing in our product line to ensure we are delivering the best software and support the industry has to offer.

We consider our customer’s development partners and make your ability to grow your customer service, increase your profit and minimize your IT costs our personal mission. Let us handle operations, so you can direct your attention where it matters on serving your customer and growing your business.